Foto Kereta Kebal terbaru Rusia 'Armata' Mampu lindungi tenteranya di medan perang. - Video

Perlumbaan senjata dan kelengkapan perang blok Barat begitu pantas sekarang ini. Banyak negara di dunia berlumba-lumba memperkuat diri dengan senjata nuklir.

Tidak lama dulu, Rusia telah pun memamerkan gambar senjata nuklir terbaru mereka, "Satan 2".Terbaru Rusia mendedahkan beberapa keping gambar yang menunjukkan misil nuklear terbesarnya dan dikatakan mampu memusnahkan kawasan sebesar sebuah negara Perancis.

Menurut Mail Online, misil berkenaan yang diberi nama RS-28 itu dan digelar Satan 2 oleh Pertubuhan Perjanjian Atlantik Utara (NATO), mempunyai kelajuan maksimum sehingga tujuh kilometer per saat dan direka untuk mengatasi sistem perisai anti-misil.

Misil Sarmat terbaharu itu boleh melancarkan kepala pele­dak sehingga 40 megaton iaitu 2,000 kali lebih berkuasa berbanding bom atom yang menghancurkan Hiroshima dan Nagasaki pada 1945.

Terbaru pula, Rusia turut mempamirkan 'super tank' suatu perubahan dan revolusi ketenteraan dan disifatkan sebagai yang tercanggih setakat ini dengan meninggalkan barat terutama Amerika dan Britain jauh ke belakang. Kereta Kebal tersebut diberi jolokan dengan namanya 'Armata' serta buat kali pertama dipertunjukan di Dataran Merah, Moscow baru-baru ini. Ia lebih tangkas, ringan dan berkeadaan lebih rendah dari kereta kebal buatan Britain 'Challenger II' .

Merendahkan keupayaan kereta kebal terbaru Rusia itu, pegawai-pegawai British percaya kereta kebal utama mereka itu adalah lapuk dan tidak berkesan terhadap mujahidin Islam.  

Putin's new 'super tank': Military intelligence warns Russian vehicle is 'the most revolutionary change in tank design in the last half century' and leaves the West totally outgunned

The Armata tank, pictured in Red Square in May, was described as the 'most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century'. The powerful machine has a lower profile than Nato tanks, meaning it is harder to hit on the battlefield, and for the first time, Russian designers have considered the survival of the crew in their tank's design. Unlike preview tanks, the Armata does not have a crew member in the turret and relies instead on cameras and sensors

* Military intelligence officers have assessed Putin's new Armata battle tank which was introduced in 2015
* The new Russian main battle tank is designed to protect the vehicle's crew on the battlefield
* UK stalled new tank design as heavy armour is not useful against lightly-armed and highly mobile jihadis
* Russia's new tank is faster, lighter and lower than the British Challenger II main battle tanks

Russia displayed its new Armata main battle tank at the Victory Day parade in Red Square in May this year
The new tank has several highly advanced features including an un-manned turret which makes the machine safer for crews
Military analysts have warned the tank is more advanced than Nato's current heavy armour including Britain's Challenger II 
The new Armata is the first Russian tank which considered the crew's ability to survive
The current policy is to not consider a new main battle tank for at least 20 years as heavy armour is not suited to countering the threat posed by lightly-armed Jihadis.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the internal military document said: 'Without hyperbole, Armata represents the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century.' 
'Unsurprisingly, the tank has caused a sensation.'

The Russians showed off their new Armata tank at the annual May Day parade. 

Intelligence experts believe the new Russian tank has a lower profile than Western heavy armour, is faster and lighter. 

The turret has the ability to self-load its ammunition, including high explosive and armour piercing rounds. It also has the ability to fire anti-tank missiles. 

Published on 6 Nov 2016
The Armata is the first totally new Russian tank since the introduction of the T-72 in 1973.

The crew of three is smaller than most Nato tanks who normally have four people on board.
The vehicle's hull is made from steel, ceramics and composite materials. It is also protected by explosive reactive armour.

The tank's 125mm main gun loads itself an is capable of firing anti-tank missiles.
The missiles have a range of approximately five miles.

Western government have expressed concern about the Russian government's attempt to replace much of the Soviet Union.
Nato has accused Moscow of trying to undermine the former Soviet states such as its policy towards Ukraine.
Officials from the military alliance have expressed concern over Russia's intentions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said: ' he truth is, however, that Russia is not going to attack anyone, that’s ridiculous.

British officials believed the main battle tank was obsolete and ineffective against jihadis

British defence planners had initially decided to abandon plans to replace the Challenger II
Also, the Russian machine has an unmanned turret and for the first time, Russian tank designers have considered the the ability for their crews to survive a hit as part of their design.
The document also assesses the Russian tank's potential armament and claims it could be far superior to the current Nato offerings.

It adds: 'For the first time, a fully automated, digitised, unmanned turret has been incorporated into a main battle tank. And for the first time a tank crew is embedded within an armoured capsule in the hull front.'
The document warns that Vladimir Putin presents a threat to countries surrounding his borders and this new tank will be crucial to his expansionist aims.   

Putin has ordered the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean do enable airstrikes in Syria
Russian leader Vladimir Putin, pictured, has been accused of trying to undermine the US presidential election. 
Summary Mr Putin’s assurance came as Russia launched a new super stealth submarine which will be deployed to the Black Sea.
He added: ‘Russia values its independence and own identity
‘We don’t want world domination or expansion or confrontation with anyone.’

The Veliky Novgorod is the latest addition to the Balck Sea fleet and is capable of striking land, sea and underwater targets.

And pictures also emerged of of elite Russian ‘super’ soldiers dressed in black who can parachute out of a plane before using special equipment to plunge 100ft below water with underwater machine guns.

Putin’s Special Operations Forces divers are armed with night vision goggles and underwater submachine guns APS and SPP-1, which can send bullets several metres through the water.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon announced on Wednesday that Britain would send warplanes, drones, tanks and 800 troops to Eastern Europe to deter Russian aggression.
The armoured force, deployed next year, will be part of the Nato’s biggest military build-up in the region since the Cold War.
British troops took part in international military drills in Germany yesterday in a show of force.

RAF pilots joined forces with seven other EU allies for a major exercise involving 600 troops from across the continent.

The unit will test the NATO member’s readiness to deploy a multi-national task force at short notice.
The start of the exercise saw British troops from RAF Leeming’s 90 Signals Unit establish communications, navigation aids, a mobile air traffic control tower and mobile radar facilities at the fictional air base in southern Germany.

Personnel from 1 Air Control Centre then set up a temporary landing zone and provided enemy air activity warnings in the staged drill.
They provided enemy air activity warnings and directed helicopters, fighter jets and drones to their landing targets.

Last month,Putin ordered the deployment of the aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean to continue his was war in support of Bashar Al-Assad.
Also, Putin has been accused of attempting to interfere with the US election process by hacking into the emails of senior members of the democratic party.


~ Mail Online .

RS-28 - digelar Satan 2 oleh Pertubuhan Perjanjian Atlantik Utara (NATO),
Misil Sarmat terbaharu buatan Rusia ini boleh melancarkan kepala pele­dak sehingga 40 megaton iaitu 2,000 kali lebih berkuasa berbanding bom atom yang menghancurkan Hiroshima dan Nagasaki pada 1945.

MISIL Sarmat RS-28 atau dikenali sebagai Satan 2 akan dilancarkan oleh Rusia pada lewat 2018. AGENSI.
Misil nuklir Satan 2, yang kode aslinya adalah RS-28 Sarmat, disiapkan Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin untuk menggantikan senjata nuklir generasi sebelumnya SS-18 Satan.
~ sumber .
~ sumber .


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