Catatan Rio - Bagaimana S'pura perolehi Pingat Emas - Foto dan Video

Fiji telah mendapatkan 'pingat emas' pertama mereka bro ! melalui 'rugby 7'. Singapura pula melalui acara '100-meter butterfly ' telah memenangi 'emas' pertama mereka melalui
Joseph Schooling yang mengalahkan idolanya sendiri Michael Phelps. Tahniah.

Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan ada kejayaan. Malaysia belum lagi dapat emas, entah sehari dua lagi tak tahu laa.

An awkward Singaporean schoolboy approached his hero, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps (left and right), at a training camp in 2008 and asked for a photo (left). Eight years later, Joseph Schooling (left, right and inset), now 21, thrashed his idol in the 100-meter butterfly in Rio on Friday, securing his tiny republic's first ever Olympic gold. But who is the Asian champion who set a new Olympic record of 50.39sec and edged out Phelps? 

Hero: Schooling (right) first met Phelps (left) at a training camp in Singapore in 2008, the same year Phelps would compete in Beijing.
Eight years later: Now 21, Schooling (right) thrashed his idol (left) in the 100-meter butterfly in Rio on Friday
Gold: Singapore exploded in celebration Saturday after the homegrown swimming hero beat Phelps

Schooling was born in Singapore and first met Phelps when the US Olympic swim team visited Singapore in 2008.

The American helped inspire the young Singaporean to move to the United States for extensive training at 13, first going to Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida before attending the University of Texas.

The swimming star's mother, May, and father, Colin, negotiated their son's long-term deferment from National Service in 2013, according to Yahoo! Sports.

In 2013, May predicted her son would be a success in Rio, but could never have predicted Friday's result.

'In 2016, he will definitely be a finalist,' she said in 2013. 'Podium… if he gets there, it'll be good, whatever the medal.'

Schooling's stunning girlfriend, Casey Shomaker, a student at the University of Texas School of Law, posted a poignant tribute to her other half on Facebook Saturday.

Alongside a photograph of her boyfriend standing on the podium, she wrote: 'And thus the kid has become the king.'

New kid on the block: Despite the loss, Phelps was all smiles with Schooling as they looked at the clock after the men's 100m butterfly event
Shock win: Schooling, 21, looked stunned and humbled as he claimed his tiny nation state's first ever Olympic gold medal after racing Phelps (pictured together), his childhood hero 

Michael Phelps Looses vs Joseph Schooling, Men's 100m Butterfly Rio Olympics 2016
Overwhelmed: Schooling wrote on Instagram: 'Well... That was nuts! Thank you for all the support and wishes. I'll seeya later rio #rio2016
Upbringing: Schooling was born in Singapore and first met Phelps when the US Olympic swim team visited his country in 2008

Couple: Schooling's stunning girlfriend, Casey Shomaker (pictured together), is a student at the University of Texas School of Law

Parents: Schooling's father Colin (left) hosted a viewing party at his home in Singapore

Proud: The swimming star's mother, May (pictured together) predicted her son would be a success in Rio

Sharing a moment: The two swimmers even shared an embrace in the pool after the thrilling race, which had originally been billed as a clash between Phelps and South Africa's Chad le Clos

Joshep Schooling, The guy who beat Michael Phelps in Rio Olympics 2016
Published on Aug 12, 2016
In the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Schooling, at the age of 21, won a gold medal in the 100 meter butterfly finals on 12 August 2016 with a time of 50.39 seconds. This was 0.75 seconds faster than the trio who tied for silver: American Michael Phelps (who had won all four of his previous events at Rio 2016), South African Chad le Clos and Hungarian László Cseh; the time also set a new Asian record and Olympic record, beating Phelps' timing of 50.58 seconds at the 2008 Summer Olympics.[15][16][17][18] This was Singapore's first Olympic gold medal and its first medal of any color in swimming.

In Singapore, people called for a public holiday to celebrate the win.
On the internet, Pokemon-themed memes celebrated Schooling's evolution from fanboy to champion, while schooling puns abounded. 
Schooling's father Colin, who hosted a viewing party at his home in Singapore, wept when his son won.
'If I cry in front of all of you all, it's because I have nothing to be ashamed of,' he told reporters. 'My love for my son is nothing I can describe to you all.'

In 2014, Colin Schooling dismissed stubborn speculation that his son was a 'foreign talent' because of his surname - declaring that Joseph, a third-generation Singaporean, was a true son of the republic.



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